Selling Cars at a Dealership In 6 Tips

Here the best tips for selling cars at a dealership 


1# Have product knowledge 

Now I’m not saying you need product knowledge to sell a car because I’ve done it without product knowledge, but having product knowledge you can keep emotions high get them excited, if somebody want to go look at that same car to another dealership, and a lot of those salesmen don’t have the product knowledge and, you bring up a feature that they didn’t you know you’re gonna sell that car over them, and it just creates excitement throughout the deal.


2# Don’t be desperate 

Don’t want to sell a car more than the customer wants a buy one 


3#Make your customer feel like they’re getting a great deal

 Or at least a fair deal and have certain phrases that you use like oh we got a great deal on this car, we actually own it for under what it’s worth and stuff like that’s going to help create excitement and help you sell a car.


4# Value exceeds the price 

so I’ve talked about this in other videos but value exceeding price meaning, that you know the value in you how trustworthy you are them knowing that you’re going to take care of them after the sale if anything happens, and also your dealership tell them about the reputation. how many dealerships you have you know, how you do a 360 point inspection on every single pre-owned car and just build the value, you guys. 


5# Listen 

You guys nobody listens to your customer, if it’s a guy who comes in who’s married his wife probably doesn’t listen to him his kids are probably running around not listening to him, if you listen to your customer he’s gonna like you a lot people aren’t used to you know anybody. listening to them so once you do that it’s gonna help a lot listen gather all the knowledge see exactly where they’re coming from, and then you’re gonna know exactly what they’re gonna want 


6# Know your inventory 

knowing your inventory after you listen you’re gonna exact know exactly where that car is you’re gonna bring them to it it’s gonna be everything they wanted, and you’re not gonna have to run around the dealership you’re saving yourself time by knowing your inventory, you’re also gonna be on your way to making an extremely extremely fast car deal, because you’re gonna land them on that car if he has any objection that he wants to go look at more cars you can say listen we you know we have 500 cars here the reason why I brought you here is because you know I know every car in this law and once you described it this is a car that popped in my head.



7# Buyers are liars

Everybody’s gonna come in and if they say they’re not gonna buy they’re gonna have a great excuse probably one they thought about throughout the whole day when people are trying to get them to buy and they found something that works and it’s gonna work on you but don’t let it work on you don’t let them close you you need to close them but what you also need to do is you need to know that some people are different sometimes you’re gonna have to build a lot more rapport with someone before they open up and they end up buying from you 


8# Don’t give away money 

I see this all the time a nice sales guy will just you know blow out a car for the customer give him a great deal he feels like he’s doing good he’s getting a sale but you know you deserve to get paid for your work you guys you’re there all day you deserve to take home a paycheck and those little amounts that you’re bumping people it adds up at the end of the month and once you give away that car you leave so much room for that finance guy if you have a good finance team at your dealership they’re gonna Jam all the warranty in there but you know every time I give somebody to finance her like man you do a really good job like you left me nothing back here


9#You guys and that is going to be a quick fast delivery 

Most people after going through the whole sales process going through finance they don’t want to go through this long delivery going over stuff most likely they know how to set it up you know by themselves. they’re not tech-savvy okay you know I’ll set up their Bluetooth but if it’s a weekend Saturday or Friday or

 something like that and I have cars to sell you know I’ll offer them a free tank of gas they come back any day during the week and that way I’ll go over everything I’ll make sure they write down their questions because they’re gonna have more questions that they’re not going to have today 

All right guys that were your 6 tips for selling cars at a dealership thank you guys all have a great