13 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

Whiteheads are a common skin problem that affects many people – due to too much stress, sleep deprivation, unhealthy eating, poor facial cleansing, and other factors. Teens are the first to suffer from whiteheads due to the increased levels of hormones in their bodies.

The face is the main area where whiteheads appear, especially on the nose and chin. Too much oil, dirt, and bacteria lead to whiteheads that clog the skin.

While there are many chemical skin products that you can buy from pharmacies to get rid of whiteheads, there are also some home remedies that you can try to remove whiteheads while leaving the skin soft and soft.

13. Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice
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Lemon is rich in ingredients including vitamin C, magnesium and calcium that make the fruit beneficial for the skin. All you have to do is rub the skin of the lemon on your face for a few minutes. You can do this regimen twice a week. Lemon’s high antioxidant activity is the reason why it is ideal for whiteheads.

12. Facial steam

A facial steam is one of the best natural remedies for whiteheads. This procedure will open skin pores, reduce oil and dirt buildup, and moisturize your skin. Dermatology clinics often begin treating acne by exposing facial skin to warm water or steam.

11. Oatmeal scrub

honey oatmeal scrub

You can make a good scrub at home by mixing sugar, honey, and oatmeal. The mixed ingredients are massaged into your skin for five to ten minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water. The scrub can be preceded by a facial steam. Oats have been used for centuries as a topical treatment for skin problems.

10. Tomatoes
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Use tomato pulp to scrub your face, focusing more on white-tipped areas. Wash the area after five minutes. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C, which is very good for dull skin. Lycopene, which is a carotene, is also found in tomatoes and provides antioxidant activity for your skin.

9. Milk
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When mixed with lemon juice and salt, apply milk as a face wash. Fermented milk was used in a 2010 study to treat acne patients. Milk was found effective in reducing the number of acne lesions in patients.

8. Egg and honey mixture

This odd combination offers two benefits – your skin pores become hard due to egg white, while your skin is moisturized with honey. Honey is a popular ingredient in cosmetic treatment and is also used in the preparation of moisturizers, face washes, and hair conditioners.

7. Strawberries
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Strawberries contain salicylates, which makes the fruit another useful tool for getting rid of whiteheads. The fruit is crushed to make a paste that is mixed with honey. Putty and honey are used together as a face. The high antioxidant capacity of strawberries is what benefits whiteheads.

6. Yogurt
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The probiotics in yogurt have been found to have anti-inflammatory effects that can aid in skin disease healing activities. Put yogurt on your face and neck. Then wipe it off after 15 minutes. Do this procedure twice a week.

5. Baking soda

This household item can be used to remove or cleanse oil and dirt clogging your skin pores. It also possesses antibacterial properties that can help deal with any acne or inflammation on the skin.


4. Honey and cinnamon

Honey has been used since ancient times as an antibiotic, which is a property that can help you destroy microbes that may affect your skin. Cinnamon also contains anti-microbial properties that can help you fight whiteheads. Studies have confirmed the possibility of combining cinnamon bark extract with honey as a topical treatment for acne.

3. Coriander leaves
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Coriander, also known as coriander, is a herb that contains many medicinal properties. Its leaves are known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can make a paste from the leaves and use it as a face on the affected areas with whiteheads.

2. Aloe vera and honey
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To take advantage of the healing properties of aloe vera, mix the gel with honey. The mixture is placed on the face and rinsed after twenty minutes. Aloe vera gel and honey are a useful home remedy for getting rid of whiteheads naturally.

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has lovely astringent properties that help balance your skin’s pH and prevent whiteheads by removing excess dirt and oils. Vinegar’s anti-microbial mechanism can help prevent whiteheads from developing.