How To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days Without Pills: Working Ways

Everyone wants to stay in shape and look attractive but not everyone gets that blessed physique. However, if you have got some fat that doesn’t mean you will always stay fat. There are working ways which can help you lose those extra pounds. When you search for tips online you will find many options like lose weight using medicines, exercise, Yoga, weight loss treatment, etc.

Some of these methods may work for you and some may not. Also, even if they work they might come with high costs, side effects, or various conditions. There are some sure shot tips to weight loss which will not only help you lose weight but will also help you stay in shape for your entire life. However, these things take time but what do you do when you need to lose weight in less amount of time. For instance, if you have a function or party to attend next week or 10-15 days from now, is there any way you can lose weight in such a short interval of time. And I am talking about working ways to lose weight.

Well, you are lucky you got here because we have some killer ways to lose weight in 7-10 days. Remember, you are not taking medicines or surgery, it’s a natural weight loss program so don’t expect results overnight. These are a few things you need to do daily and trust me you will thank me for this article.


#9. Cut Back On Carbs, Sugar, And Starch

This is the backbone of any weight loss program. No one can lose weight without putting on these things. Sugar is not a nutrient. We do not get anything from sugar. You need to burn more and more calories, you don’t want to add some more to your body.

You cannot eat processed food and cold drinks are a big NO. Forget that pizza for a week, you can do it because you need to burn more calories and not to gain them. By saying this I am not saying stop eating or eating less than what your body needs because that will lead to even more weight gain. All I am saying is eat the food that is going to help you in the purpose.

#8. More physical work, exercise, burn more calories

You need to burn more fat or I should say burn more and more calories to lose weight. To be precise you will have to lose more than 3000 calories a day to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.


I agree, losing that much amount of calories is difficult, but it is not impossible. Do all those heavy exercises. You can also try swimming, Aerobics, dancing, basketball, football, etc. Try to do more cardio exercises than strength-building exercises to lose more weight. Run up to 3-5 kilometers. Try to replace machines in your household and rather do all those things yourself. Do not use the lift or escalators at work or mall, use stairs.

Even if you are talking to your friend, go to the garden or balcony and talk while walking. Walk and talk.

#7. Yoga

Apart from doing exercises, do Yoga if you get enough time. Yoga helps in burning calories and the most amazing thing about Yoga is that you can do many Yoga exercises while doing your work or watching TV. Yoga helps in maintaining a balance in your body. You will do more mindful eating and you will feel fresh throughout the day.

#6. More vegetables and fruits in your diet

So, when you are avoiding sugar, pizza, cold drinks, processed foods what can you actually eat that would not contribute to gaining fat? Add more vegetables and fruits in your diet. More green leafy vegetables, fruits, fruit juice, salads, nuts, light oils, low-fat yogurt will help. Try to eat a breakfast that is high in protein.

#5. Drink about 2-3 liters of water daily

You need to drink more water to flush out toxins from your body. Detoxification is one of the best ways of losing weight. In addition to water, you can also add lemon water to your daily routine. Lemon is a detoxifying agent itself. It will help in the cleaning of your body.

#4. Don’t go for fad diets

You must have heard a lot about fad diets and how they help in losing weight but trust me, most of the people crash. It’s not easy and if not done right can lead to negative results. Also, it won’t work in the long run. The fad diet is injurious to health. So, until you want to take the risk do not go on a fad diet.

#3. Manage your time

When your goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 days then you will have to take out time for this goal daily. You cannot keep on pending activities for the next day. You will have to manage your time for these activities.

#2. Talk to your friends

It will be difficult to be so strict on yourself. Talk to people or friends about your goals so that they can motivate you and positive encouragement will keep your focus on your goal.

#1. Take a good sleep

Do not take too much stress. You need to get sound sleep at night. Poor sleep also tends to weight gain.

Overall, I would say that you are beautiful the way you are. We all love eating, I love foods a lot. Love yourself. If you want to lose some weight then do it for yourself. Natural ways help in the long run. Do not go for non-natural methods unless it is really necessary for you. These natural weight loss tips if applied regularly then you will definitely get expected results.

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