10 Top Tips for When You Are Buying a Car.

Many car salespeople may pressure you to go away the lot with a purchased vehicle, so it’s crucial you’re armed with information about the cars you’re curious about, the budget you’ll afford, and therefore the value of your trade-in — if you’ve got one. With these details, you’ve got all the tools you would like to barter properly.

Here are 10 tips and methods for creating sure you get the best quality vehicle at rock bottom price.

#1. Do your research.

This goes for both affordability and vehicle options. The AutoTrader Finance Calculator found on the site will give you an idea of how much you will be able to afford. The News and Reviews section will give you some critical information regarding new cars on the market and will assist with your decision-making process.

#2. Use the internet.

If you’re watching this video, then it’s safe to say that you know how to get online. The internet is a great tool for finding information, reviews, and user experiences regarding the car you wish to buy. It can put you in contact with a dealer and in some cases, start the process of selecting your car. Some dealerships will bring a car to you to test drive if you enquire online. Some will offer configurators that will allow you to make sense of all the options.

#3. Shop around

Don’t buy the first car you come across. Shop around for a better deal and see what is on offer at other dealerships. When buying used, comparing two vehicles of the same type and spec level will often show you what sort of wear and tear is acceptable. Don’t be in a rush to buy, patience is the key here and some great deals can be found if you’re just willing to let them pop up first.

#4. Consider used.

While a new car can be the ultimate luxury experience, fantastic deals can be had if you opt for a used vehicle instead. Low mileage or demo models will often come in a lot cheaper than their brand new counterparts and still be in amazing condition. New cars depreciate quite fast initially and you can possibly get a better spec model by going for a pre-owned model.

#5. Know your limitations.

This applies to affordability. Don’t overextend yourself and spend every available cent on a new car. While the general rule of thumb is not to exceed 30% of your monthly income on a car repayment, it’s always safer to err on the lower side of the spectrum to allow for unforeseen running costs. It may seem affordable now, but you don’t want to be in trouble in 6 months’ time when the petrol price increases.

#6. Negotiate.

Just about every deal is negotiable. Don’t be scared to ask for a discount or a better price. Some dealers may sweeten the deal by throwing in a few additional extras like window tinting or a bed liner to help make the sale. as long as these are on the house, you may consider them. They will, however, not add any resale value to your vehicle when it comes time to sell. Try to negotiate on the price instead.

#7. Don’t mention your trade-in.

There is no need to mention your trade-in early on in the discussion. Alerting the dealer to this early on may work against you as they restructure a deal to work in their favor. Keep this information until as late as possible. It will also help to know what your current car is worth on trade-in so that you don’t get short-changed.

#8. Don’t forget about insurance.

Not all insurances are the same and the insurance costs will vary depending on your profile, the type of car you choose, and the standard equipment level. It’s always wise to get a quote on the insurance before you buy the car so that you can factor this into the monthly repayments.

#9. Always test drive the car.

This is most important in a used car purchase, but the same thing goes for a new car purchase. Spend time getting the seating position right and setting the car up the way you would like. You will regret it if you don’t and only discover that the driving position is uncomfortable, or visibility is poor after you buy it.

#10. Insist on the inspection report.

When buying a used vehicle, always insist on some form of the inspection report from an accredited inspection center. An AA approved Dekra report or Bosch Service Center Certificate is a great way to ensure that the car that you want to buy has no hidden issues that may plague you at a later stage.