6 Important Tips for Selling Cars at a Dealership

Selling a car privately can be a daunting and ultimately exhausting task, but it can pay off handsomely in the long run if you approach it strategically and follow some key steps.

Owners who plan to sell an old car themselves often find yourself with additional cash in their pocket than those that trade their ride to a dealership. and there is an honest reason for that — between setting a good price, snapping photos, writing an outline, fielding phone calls, answering emails, and taking prospective buyers out for test drives, selling a car often requires a boatload of your time and energy.


1# is gonna be a focus

I contribute my success in the car business to having a lot of focus you guys and what I do is I leave all my problems at home with the wife, any problems with the money whatever the problem you might have or it might just leave it at home because, when you’re at the dealership you know not selling cars not making money is not going to make your problems better, so you know but a 10 grand check at the end of the month or direct deposit into your account is gonna make it better. 

It’s kind of hard to have problems when you have all this money just being put into your account, it makes life a lot easier



2# Every buyer is different 

Every buyer has a different budget, different needs, and different wants. so you as a salesman you have to see what they want, you have to read them, you have to know you know where they’re coming from put yourself in their shoes and make that customized that deal for them. 


3# Customers have to buy somewhere 

You know I see a lot of salesmen and they’re like oh my customer you know they’re not a buyer blah blah blah, well the car they pulled in to the dealership with they had to buy somewhere from somebody, so take that in mind and remember guys you know some people take a little bit longer you know they’re gonna tell you they’re not going to buy, and they’re gonna sell you, don’t let them close you. on the fact that they’re not buying some people are really good at.

It lots of customers great excuses, but once you build enough for port and Trust they’re gonna open up to you and you’ll be able to make the deal.


4# Never lie 

Very important to never lie, if you lie even if you think you can get away with it and there’s no way for them to know that you’re lying.

If they even sense that your line it kills the emotion the rapport they’re not going to buy from you they’re not going to take their chances.


5# Don’t talk bad about any other dealership 

Because it just makes you look bad, you know bashing somebody else it makes you look insecure.


6# Dress well 

When you approach somebody in your dress well you’re looking sharp, they’re gonna most likely you know they’re going to work with you, they’re gonna want to talk to you, they’re gonna want to listen to you. so dress well 


Well, this all the tip for selling cars at a dealership I hope you enjoy the article.